Howard Rotavators

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My 2 machines. Both fully restored. They wont be going back in the dirt! Although if I needed them to, they could. The Rotary Hoes Series 1 Gem, is an early machine from 1945. Serial number G1384. It has a differential but no reverse gear. It is fitted with a later style handlebars, but its in between 'cycle and straight' bars. It has the original Engine and Magneto, a British Junior 660cc Engine, side valve, one of Howards own designs. It drives a 3 speed, forward only gear box, which has a 90 degree pinion drive which operates the chain drive to the rotors. The Bantam is believed to be around 1956. It is fitted with a Villiers MK15 HS engine. Its 147cc, with overhead valves. The HS stands for High Speed, this engine was fitted to models which required a little more oomph! It drives a 2 speed forward only gear box via a tilting plate mechanism which tensions the drive belt. Power is transmitted to the rotors via a worm driven shaft and transfer box.
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