Howard Rotavators

The 300 range.

In 1962 Howard designed the 300, an 18" Rotavator. The engine was a Briggs & Stratton 141, rated at 4hp.

In 1965 the engine was changed for a Kohler K91. In approximately 1967 the 350 was added, basically the same machine but with a larger K141 Kohler. By about 1969 the 300 was discontinued.

Early 350's had a blue engine, mid 70's were gold and late 70's painted orange, this can be usefull to help with datting your machine if it hasnt been repainted.

In 1982 Howard replaced the troublesome clutch with an idler pulley system and used again a Briggs & Sratton, but this time a 5hp I/C. The name was changed to Howard 352.

1985 saw Howard going into receivership, the 352 was one of the models that Dowdeswell purchased the rights to, a Kubota GS200 (or Mag badged equivalent) was used up ununtil production finished in the mid 1990's.