Short gearbox Model's. Short gearbox Model's. Short Gearbox Model This short gearbox model turned up at the Heathergill Vintage Rally autojumble. Unfortunatley the serial number wasn't recorded. I can deduct from the rotor shaft and rotor selector that it is after G206. A big thankyou to Norm for permission to use his photos. 203991556 Short Gearbox Model The view from the other side. Having a short gearbox means it is before G501. If you are the new owner and would like to get in touch I can get the factory records checked against the serial number if you would like. At present there is only 3 known nearly complete surviving short gearbox machines and one for spares. A real rarity. 203991557 G367 This Gem was built 22/09/1942. I purchased it on ebay in 2008, however it is sadly way beyond realistic repair. The engine is incorrect, the rear end is rotten and the gearbox has been run past death. However all was not lost as some parts were used to assist the rebuild of G206, which may of not been possible without these bits. 203991573 G367 The view from the other side. 203991574 G206 As featured else where on this site G206. 203991576