Howard Rotavators


Theres some controversy over exactly when the Bantam was introduced, I've heard all dates from 1948 - 1951.  The rotor box came as 10" standard and a 14" version was also avaliable,though rarely specified.

Originally they came supplied with a Villiers Mk25c two stroke engine, allthough when there was a shortage of these, Howard designed their own AC 120 four stroke, named after the founder Mr Arthur Clifford Howard.

In the mid 1950's the BSA 120 cc ( the same as used on the Howard Demon ) was used, but only for a very short length of time making these the rarest avaliable today.

The final option was the OHV Villiers Mk15 and Mk15/2, used up until production ceased in late 1961.

Americain machines used Briggs & Stratton, Kohler and Clinton engines.

Like a lot of machines at the time a wide range of attachments were offered including, cylinder mower, generator, hedge trimmer, cutter bar, compressor, etc. I have several examples of these attachments and they will be joining their place in the restoration que.