Howard Rotavators

Bullfinch History.

In 1954 Howard introduced at the time their smallest rotavator "The Bulldog", fitted with a J.A.P 2A. Less than a year later the name was changed to Bullfinch after Lanz the tractor manufacturer took them to court over the name. In 1957 "The Demon was added, basically the same machine but with a larger BSA 120cc engine.

1961 saw its replacement the 200, fitted with a Villiers Mk12 engine (a very few early examples had a Mk 10). The range was facelifted in 1965 with bigger wheels and a safety belt guard.

1972 the model had Bantam type swinging handlebars and an Aspera HTB 35 engine added. The  name was again changed to 220.My own experience of this engine is they were troublesome to say the least! In 1978 the range was dropped.

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